Dear PV-scientists,

because of its great success in the last years, we are now for the 11th time organizing the nPV2022 workshop with the participation of scientists and industry from all around the world. As last times, we will connect nPV2022 to the SiliconPV2022 conference allowing the visitors to combine both events. In addition bifiPV2022 will follow as 3rd event in that week on April 1. The nPV workshop will take place

March 30/31 2022 in Konstanz, Germany.

The first day (Wednesday) is, as always, dedicated to scientific n-type presentations and is a combined day with SiliconPV conference. The second day (Thursday) is the “industry day” with invited talks dealing with well established and emerging n-type wafer, solar cells and module technologies. After that, bifiPV2022 will follow with bifacial applications and LCOEs moving below 1USct/kWh with HSAT bifacial nPV technology.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Konstanz,

Barbara Terheiden (Chair) & Prof. Yang Deren (Co-Chair)

With Arthur Weeber, Stefan Glunz, Delfina Munoz, Matthieu Despeisse, Jan Schmidt, Joachim John, Radovan Kopecek and Olindo Isabella