Chairmens Message

Dr. Barbara Terheiden
Prof. Dr. Yang Deren

Dear PV-community,

We did it!! PV is reaching with PERC technology in some cases LCOEs down to 1USct/kWh. In 2022 we will reach 1TW total installed capacity of PV systems and will celebrate this great achievement with you in Konstanz.

From 2028 on PV will enter a 1TW market, which needs additional production capacities of 700-800 GW for poly-Si, wafers, cells and modules. As PERC is coming to its efficiency limits with a module efficiency of about 21%, nPV is now in focus for all new investments for production capacity increase (targeting 23% module efficiency). TOPCon/POLO or HJT applied in an IBC-concept have the best chances to become “the next big thing” after PERC.

That is why our nPV consortium, with long term industrial nPV-partners, such as LONGi, Jollywood, SPIC, Enel, ValoeCell and PI Berlin, are writing an nPV book to assist with a smooth transition, as with the bifiPV book in 2018. The PV community is convinced that now the switch from p-type to n-type will come in the next 5 years- however still some important challenges have to be tackled. The major bottle neck for nPV is the increased use of Ag-paste for the metallization on n-type cells. That is why the nPV workshop will dedicate one special session to industrial strategies how to move away from Ag metallization in future.

We are happy to seeing you all in Konstanz again in March 2022!

Barbara and Deren